05-30-2024, 3:00 PM

Boeing cannot raise Max plane manufacturing until quality is improved, says FAA


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Thursday, Boeing executives unveiled extensive changes to the company’s production processes and safety systems. This plan aims to reassure the public, airline customers, and regulators that Boeing’s planes are safe to fly.

“This is a guide for a new way for Boeing to do business,” FAA Administrator Mike Whitaker said after the meeting. He said he expected the company to produce “systemic change.”

Boeing and FAA leaders will now meet weekly to discuss progress on implementing the plan, with the FAA conducting monthly reviews. The plan includes several components to enhance employee training, clarify assembly line instructions, prevent suppliers from delivering defective components, and undergo additional FAA audits, according to the agency.

The FAA had instructed outgoing Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun and his team to develop this roadmap after two reviews in February identified significant issues at the planemaker. The meeting, which included Calhoun and other company leaders, featured a detailed PowerPoint presentation that outlined the plan's components, according to Whitaker.

Whitaker emphasized the need for Boeing to establish robust safety and quality management plans. He also stated that the FAA will not permit Boeing to increase the production rate of its Max assembly line until it is satisfied with the production quality.

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