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Elon Musk’s Neuralink is looking for a second person to test its brain chip

Elon Musk's brain implant start-up, Neuralink, is
05-14-2024, 8:14 PM

OpenAI co-founder Ilya Sutskever to leave the company

After months of uncertainty, OpenAI's chief
05-13-2024, 2:26 PM

OpenAI reveals its newest AI model, GPT-4o

OpenAI announced its latest artificial
05-9-2024, 11:20 AM

Neuralink's first brain chip implant encountered a problem

Neuralink, Elon Musk's brain technology startup,
05-7-2024, 8:27 PM

With its most advanced display, M4 chip, and Apple Pencil Pro, Apple presents

Apple introduced the ultrathin and light iPad Pro
04-30-2024, 6:45 PM

The former CEO of Binance Crypto, Changpeng Zhao, was sentenced to 4 months in

On Tuesday in Seattle, Binance founder and former
04-28-2024, 10:07 PM

Elon Musk meets with a top official from China in Beijing

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, held an undisclosed
04-26-2024, 5:48 PM

The Department of Homeland Security appoints Advisory Board on AI Safety and

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) formed
04-25-2024, 11:37 AM

Meta stock plunges after Zuckerberg touts money-losing projects

Meta shares fell 19% as CEO Mark Zuckerberg said
04-23-2024, 6:54 PM

Microsoft releases lightweight AI model

On Tuesday, Microsoft unveiled a compact
04-20-2024, 12:21 PM

Tesla reduces prices on three of its electric vehicle models

After weak first-quarter sales led to rising
04-19-2024, 10:42 PM

Apple deletes WhatsApp and Threads from App Store in China

Apple announced on Friday its decision to remove
04-15-2024, 11:15 AM

Tesla plans to reduce its global workforce by over 10%

Tesla is said to be reducing its global workforce
04-9-2024, 1:19 PM

Intel unveils enterprise-focused 'Gaudi' AI processor

Intel introduced its latest artificial
04-3-2024, 12:29 PM
04-1-2024, 3:59 PM

OpenAI claims to be developing AI that can mimic human speech

On Friday, OpenAI unveiled samples from initial
04-1-2024, 11:51 AM

Trump's media stocks plummet following a significant 2023 loss

The Trump Media & Technology Group, the
03-20-2024, 3:02 PM

Biden grants Intel a $8.5 billion grant for microchips

President Joe Biden announced a $8.5 billion
03-18-2024, 8:02 PM

YouTube reports that "realistic" AI material will need to be tagged

According to a recent announcement from YouTube,
03-13-2024, 3:31 PM

EU enacts groundbreaking AI legislation

The European Union passed a landmark AI bill
03-1-2024, 10:07 PM

For breach of contract, Elon Musk is suing OpenAI and CEO Sam Altman

Elon Musk is suing OpenAI and its CEO Sam Altman,
02-28-2024, 9:47 PM
02-28-2024, 4:39 PM
02-23-2024, 1:05 PM

Google signs a $60 million deal with Reddit to train AI models on its posts

Reddit and Google have entered into an agreement
02-21-2024, 4:33 PM

Demand for AI chips boosted Nvidia profits 580% last year

According to the earnings report released on
02-21-2024, 4:11 PM

Toshiba recalled 15 million laptop adapters due to fire and burn hazards

Dynabook Americas, previously known as Toshiba,
02-19-2024, 3:12 PM

The EU investigates TikTok for child protection

The European Union has initiated a formal inquiry
02-13-2024, 10:05 PM
02-6-2024, 3:25 PM
02-2-2024, 1:06 PM
01-25-2024, 9:03 PM

Amazon's Ring shuts down police-popular video-sharing platform

Amazon’s Ring has announced a significant change:
01-11-2024, 5:41 PM

Al Gore is leaving the board of directors at Apple

Al Gore is leaving the Apple Board of Directors,
01-10-2024, 2:47 PM
01-9-2024, 5:27 PM
01-9-2024, 5:18 PM
01-4-2024, 6:44 PM

After ten years, Kim Kardashian's mobile game is closing

After nearly a decade, “Kim Kardashian: