05-5-2024, 1:32 PM
04-19-2024, 7:16 PM

Mandisa, winner of a Grammy and former "American Idol" contestant,

Grammy Award-winning singer Mandisa, who rose to
04-13-2024, 12:08 PM
03-14-2024, 3:05 PM

Fan sued by Bad Bunny for YouTube copyright infringement

Bad Bunny sued a Utah concertgoer who refused to
03-11-2024, 10:05 PM

'All by Myself' singer Eric Carmen dies at 74

According to his website, Eric Carmen, the
02-6-2024, 1:21 PM

Country star Toby Keith dies at 62 from stomach cancer

Country music artist Toby Keith passed away on
11-20-2023, 10:58 PM
11-18-2023, 9:33 PM

Taylor Swift postpones concert in Rio de Janeiro due to high temperatures

Due to the excessive heat, Taylor Swift confirmed
11-17-2023, 1:20 PM
11-13-2023, 5:44 PM
11-10-2023, 2:38 PM
11-9-2023, 11:06 PM

Beyoncé releases a new global trailer for the movie "Renaissance"

Beyoncé claims as much, having released a new
10-20-2023, 3:12 PM
10-19-2023, 4:30 PM

MTV cancels the 2023 EMAs because of volatile global events

As the fighting in the Middle East continues, the
10-16-2023, 12:22 PM

Madonna starts her "Celebration" tour after a delay caused by a

After a summer health scare, Madonna launched her
10-6-2023, 10:29 PM
09-30-2023, 10:50 PM

Mickey Jagger hints that he might give away his wealth

Just before the Rolling Stones prepare to record
09-26-2023, 1:52 PM
09-25-2023, 5:03 PM

The 2024 Super Bowl halftime show will have Usher as the main performer

Usher is excited to headline Super Bowl LVIII's
09-16-2023, 5:26 PM
08-30-2023, 10:52 PM