05-5-2024, 5:37 PM

Biden administration pauses one ammunition shipment to Israel

Week the Biden administration halted a shipment of American made ammunition bound for Israel causing unease, among officials who were puzzled by the delay.

Senior Israeli figures revealed that the shipment, intended to supply equipment to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) was held up at a stage following instructions from Washington. Despite inquiries neither the White House nor the US Departments of Defense and State have provided an explanation for the pause.

US officials maintain that there has been no shift in policy towards Israel. Moreover recently President Biden signed a foreign aid bill allocating $26 billion for addressing the Israel Hamas conflict. This includes $15 billion in assistance for Israel $9 billion in aid for Gaza and $2.4 billion for US military operations in the region.

Nevertheless concerns linger among US officials regarding an operation in Rafah, where more, than a million Palestinians seek refuge.

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