05-6-2024, 1:14 PM

The State Department said the U.S. opposes Israel's Rafah attack

The U.S. cannot support an escalated military action in Rafah "currently envisioned by Israel," State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller told reporters today.

"We have made clear, the secretary has made this clear in his conversations with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other members of the Israeli government last week, that we have not seen a humanitarian plan that is credible and implementable," he said.

Miller stated that the U.S. fears a Rafah military operation will endanger over one million Palestinian people. He also briefly mentioned that Hamas has agreed to a hostage release plan, stating they just received their response for review.

"We continue to believe that a hostage deal is in the best interests of the Israeli people," he stated. "It’s in the best interest of the Palestinian people and it would bring increased movement of humanitarian assistance and so we’re going to continue to work to try to reach one."

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