05-3-2024, 10:31 AM

Cameron says Kyiv can use British weapons inside Russia

UK Foreign Secretary Cameron has stated that the utilization of British weaponry is at Ukraine's discretion, affirming its right to target sites within Russian territory. During his visit to Kyiv, he pledged £3 billion annually for as long as required.

Cameron remarked, "Just as Russia is striking inside Ukraine, you can quite understand why Ukraine feels the need to make sure it's defending itself."

Russia criticized this stance, labeling it a "highly perilous assertion" and warning of heightened tensions.

Despite previous implications that arms like the long-range Storm Shadow missile should be restricted to Ukrainian territory, the UK had not explicitly stated this. Yet, Cameron's recent statement, following Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's commitment of military aid, underscores Ukraine's authority in determining the use of such support.

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