05-29-2024, 11:38 AM

Person Dies After Becoming Trapped in Airplane Engine at Netherlands Airport


A person has died at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam after being caught in a running aircraft engine, police reported.

The incident occurred on the apron outside the bustling terminal as a KLM flight was preparing to depart for Billund, Denmark.

"An... incident took place at Schiphol today during which a person ended up in a running aircraft engine," Dutch flagship carrier KLM said in a statement.

KLM added that "the circumstances are currently under investigation".

A spokesperson for the Royal Military Police stated that the investigation has not yet identified the individual. The spokesperson also noted that it is too early to determine if this was an accident or a form of suicide.

Posting on X, Schiphol Airport described the incident as "horrible" and said: "Our thoughts go out to the relatives and we care for the passengers and colleagues who witnessed this."

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