03-2-2024, 1:22 PM

Germany investigates leaked secret army conversations on Ukraine recording

After a recording of several top German officers discussing Ukraine war strategy emerged, Germany will investigate.

Air force officers discuss delivering Taurus weapon systems to Ukraine and targeting the Kerch Bridge, which connects the Crimean peninsula to mainland Russia, in a conversation posted online by Margarita Simonyan, head of Russia's state-owned RT channel.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz termed the leak “very serious.”

“It will now be investigated very carefully, very intensively, and very quickly,” Scholz said in Rome on Saturday.

“According to our assessment, a conversation in the air force sector has been intercepted. We are currently unable to say with certainty whether changes have been made to the recorded or written version circulating on social networks.”

One official discusses a “long” and “short” road to implementation for long-range Taurus missiles delivered by the air force and employed by Ukraine.

Germany fears Kyiv would use the weapons to fight Russia and has refused to supply them.

One officer says Taurus missiles can reach the Kerch bridge and ammunition bunkers despite their difficulty.

Russia demanded answers over the recording.

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