06-10-2024, 1:43 PM

UN Security Council will vote on a US draft resolution backing the Gaza cease-fire arrangement

U.N. Security Council - Video Screenshot

United Nations Security Council passes U.S.-drafted cease-fire plan to end eight months of violent warfare between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

President Joe Biden accepted the resolution text, which the 15-member council adopted Sunday after over a week of deliberations.

A resolution must pass with nine votes and no vetoes from the US, France, Britain, China, or Russia.

President Joe Biden backed the deal in late May, announcing Israel had degraded Hamas' capabilities and it was "time for this war to end" and the "day after to begin."

Nate Evans, U.S. mission to the UN spokeswoman, said Sunday that the Security Council must urge Hamas to embrace a plan Israel has accepted.

“Israel has accepted this proposal and the Security Council has an opportunity to speak with one voice and call on Hamas to do the same,” he said.

As the Security Council began voting Monday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived in Israel to meet with retired Gen. Benny Gantz.

Sunday, centrist Israeli war Cabinet member Gantz resigned after accusing Netanyahu of mismanaging the war and refusing to agree on Gaza's post-war fate.

The Biden administration tried to convince Gantz to stay since his departure would compel Netanyahu to rely more on his far-right coalition partners who oppose any Hamas cease-fire.

Blinken told reporters at a Cairo press conference before leaving that the Israelis choose their government. He stated that without a Gaza cease-fire, three horrible scenarios could occur.

"Either Israel would have to stay, which (it) says it doesn’t want to do, and we believe it must not do, and we’ll be left holding the bag in Gaza," he said. Second, "a major insurgency" might last years, he suggested.

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