11-8-2023, 3:08 PM

Blinken: "There may be a need for some transition period" at the end of the conflict, but Israel cannot occupy Gaza

It's "clear that Israel cannot occupy Gaza," according to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, but "there may be a need for some transition period at the end of the conflict" between Israel and Hamas. he stated on Wednesday.

In reaction to remarks made earlier this week by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who stated that Israel will have "overall security responsibility" in Gaza for a "indefinite period" once the war with Hamas ends, the senior US ambassador mentioned a "transition period."

It was Israeli authorities who, according to Blinken, told him "they have no intent to reoccupy Gaza and retain control of Gaza."

 “The only question is, is there some transition period that might be necessary? And what kinds of safeguards might you possibly use to ensure that there is security? But we're very clear on no reoccupation, just as we're very clear on no displacement of the Palestinian population,” he said.

“As we’ve said before, we need to see and get to, in effect, unity of governance when it comes to Gaza and the West Bank, and ultimately to a Palestinian state,” Blinken said.

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