10-28-2023, 6:02 PM

Israel's defense minister states, "We moved to a new phase in the war"

Yoav Gallant, Israel's minister of defense, has stated that military operations against Hamas had advanced.

In a statement given in Hebrew, he declared, "We moved to a new phase in the war."

“Tonight, the ground in Gaza shook. We attacked above ground and below ground. We attacked terrorist operatives at all levels, in all places. The instructions to our forces are clear: the operation will continue until a new order is given,” he said.

Israeli ground forces were inside Gaza, according to Israel Defense Forces spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, who said they had invaded the area overnight from the north.

At a Tel Aviv press conference, Hagari stated that Israeli soldiers "went into the Gaza Strip and expanded the ground operation where infantry, armor and engineer units and artillery with heavy fire are taking part."

Without providing any more information, he stated, "The forces are in the field and continue the fighting."

Furthermore, the Israeli military reiterated its request that residents of northern Gaza evacuate. An upcoming IDF operation against Hamas in Gaza was mentioned in that message.

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