03-16-2024, 1:53 PM

Israel struck a residential block in central Gaza, killing 36 people, according to the health ministry

According to Palestinian officials, at least 36 individuals lost their lives following an Israeli airstrike on a residential house near the Nuseirat camp in central Gaza last night.

In a statement released on Telegram, the Palestinian Government Media Office accused the Israeli military of targeting a house owned by the Al-Tabatibi family. The statement highlighted that the majority of the casualties were children, with pregnant women also among the victims.

The IDF, in a statement today, asserted that its operations in central Gaza, including the Nuseirat area, were ongoing. Citing intelligence indicating the presence of Hamas militants in the region, the IDF reported directing airstrikes against these targets.

The IDF specified that one airstrike targeted a Hamas militant, along with the commander of a Hamas sniper cell. However, it did not clarify whether any of these strikes hit the residence of the Al-Tabatibi family.

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