04-8-2024, 11:06 AM

Actor Jonathan Majors, who assaulted his ex-girlfriend, is sentenced to probation instead of jail time

The once-promising actor Jonathan Majors was sentenced to probation on Monday for assaulting his ex-girlfriend in a high-profile case that destroyed his career. Majors will have to complete a year-long counseling program, but he will not go to jail.

A Manhattan jury had found the former Marvel franchise star guilty of misdemeanor assault in December, and he was facing up to a year in prison.

Rather, a judge decided that Majors would be placed on probation, have to pay a $250 fine, and participate in a 52-week in-person counseling program that has been authorized by the probation department of Los Angeles County.

Majors faces up to a year in jail if he is arrested at any point while he is on probation. As is customary in cases involving domestic abuse, he is also prohibited from applying for, possessing, or owning a firearm.

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