03-18-2024, 8:45 PM

Texas immigration law is placed on temporary hold by the Supreme Court

A new Texas immigration legislation that is being contested by the Biden administration was temporarily blocked by the Supreme Court on Monday.

Justice Samuel Alito, a conservative, issued an order that once more placed a temporary hold on a decision made by a lower court. The legislation will be put on hold "pending further order" from the court, according to the ruling.

Originally scheduled to take effect on March 10, Alito has intervened three times to maintain the stay of the lower court's decision regarding the statute.

His most recent order was scheduled to expire on Monday night, which meant that if the Supreme Court did not intervene, the law would have taken effect.

Now that the decision has been temporarily halted, the nine justices will have more time to consider their options.

The relevant statute, known as SB4, imposes criminal penalties and permits authorities to apprehend migrants who enter the country illegally from Mexico.

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