02-12-2024, 2:47 PM

Trump asks the Supreme Court to block the ruling that he lacks immunity

On Monday, former President Donald Trump urged the Supreme Court to intervene in the contentious dispute regarding his potential immunity from prosecution. Once again, he implored the nine justices to address a critical question that could impact his bid for a second presidential term.

Trump specifically requested the Supreme Court to temporarily halt a strongly worded and unanimous ruling from the DC Circuit issued last week. This decision unequivocally dismissed his assertions of immunity from charges related to election subversion, as brought forth by special counsel Jack Smith.

In their plea, Trump's legal team argued that conducting a lengthy criminal trial of the former president during the peak of the election season would significantly disrupt his ability to campaign against President Biden.

The DC Circuit's judgment, according to Trump's attorneys, poses an immediate and irreparable threat to the First Amendment rights of both Trump and the millions of American voters who deserve to hear his campaign message as they make decisions about the upcoming November elections.

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