03-22-2024, 10:40 PM

Senate begins late-night $1.2 trillion government funding vote

The Senate exceeded the midnight deadline to prevent a partial shutdown by voting on a bill to keep a number of departments and agencies operating late on Friday night and into Saturday morning.

Nonetheless, Senate leaders have stated they have an agreement to vote on a number of modifications and the bill's final passage, so the shutdown is only likely to last a short while and have minimal effect. After that, it would be sent to President Joe Biden, who has promised to sign it into law.

The White House budget office “has ceased shutdown preparations because there is a high degree of confidence that Congress will imminently pass the relevant appropriations and the President will sign the bill on Saturday,” a White House official said. “Because obligations of federal funds are incurred and tracked on a daily basis, agencies will not shut down and may continue their normal operations.”

The entire government will be financed through the end of September once Biden signs the deal into law.

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