03-9-2024, 9:30 PM

Biden passes crucial federal funding bill to avoid shutdown

On Saturday, President Joe Biden signed a significant government funding legislation, easing concerns of a potential partial shutdown.

A statement from the White House, announcing Biden's endorsement of the bill, expressed gratitude to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker Mike Johnson, and other legislators for their guidance on the matter.

The Senate voted 75-22 on Friday to approve the funding bill, ensuring the operation of numerous agencies until September. This 1,050-page legislation combines six appropriations bills crafted through negotiations involving Schumer, Johnson, Biden, and key appropriators from both parties and chambers. It allocates funds to various departments, including Justice, Commerce, Agriculture, Transportation, and other government sectors, following the division of federal funding into two packages by leaders.

The bill passed the House on Wednesday with a vote of 339-85.

Following some delays attributed to Republican requests for amendments, the Democratic-led Senate endorsed the legislation. These delays were resolved by accommodating votes on several GOP-sponsored measures before the primary bill was passed.

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