06-4-2024, 7:59 PM

Slovenia becomes the fourth European country to acknowledge the Palestinian state


Slovenia has become the latest European nation to formally recognize Palestinian statehood, following a majority vote by its parliament on Tuesday.

This decision comes shortly after Spain, Norway, and Ireland also recognized a Palestinian state, a move that Israel condemned.

Last week, Slovenian Prime Minister Robert Golob proposed recognizing a Palestinian state and sent the proposal to parliament for final approval—a procedural step given Golob's ruling coalition's majority.

On Tuesday, lawmakers voted 52 to 0 in favor of recognition in the 90-seat parliament, with the remaining members absent.

Last month, the United Nations General Assembly voted to expand Palestine's membership rights, paving the way for full UN member status, which would allow Palestine to vote on and introduce resolutions.

Most countries already recognize Palestinian statehood, with over 140 out of 193 UN member states having made their recognition official. However, only a few of the 27 EU member nations are among them.

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