05-11-2024, 3:40 PM

Biden says Gaza ceasefire possible 'tomorrow' if Hamas releases hostages

President Joe Biden announced that a ceasefire could commence the following day if Hamas were to release the hostages detained in Gaza.

"As I’ve said, it’s up to Hamas — if they wanted to do it, we could end it tomorrow. And the ceasefire would begin tomorrow," Biden said at a fundraiser in Seattle on Saturday.

The president brought up this proposition after issuing a warning to Israel, stating that he would halt the supply of artillery shells and other weaponry if Israeli forces were to target the city of Rafah in southern Gaza. He expressed concern over civilian casualties resulting from the use of US munitions.

Israel has consistently rejected the idea of a permanent ceasefire in Gaza until Hamas is defeated, irrespective of the release of all hostages. Prime Minister Netanyahu remarked on Tuesday that Hamas's proposal fell significantly short of Israel's fundamental demands.

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