07-9-2024, 5:55 PM

Gladiator 2 trailer has been released

Gladiator 2 / Paramount Pictures

The trailer for Ridley Scott's sequel to Gladiator has been released.

The forthcoming sequel stars Paul Mescal as Lucius, the now-adult son of Connie Nielsen's character Lucilla from the original film who returns to Rome as a prisoner. Pedro Pascal plays Marcus Acacius, the general who destroyed Lucius' adopted homeland, Numidia, resulting in his servitude.

Lucius, now grown, lives in the northern African province of Numidia, where his mother sent him as a youngster. He returns to Rome as a gladiator and rejoins his mother.

The trailer begins with Lucius recalling a childhood memory in which ex-Roman leader Maximus challenged his uncle in the arena.

He becomes a gladiator and works for Macrinus, played by Denzel Washington, who sponsors combatants in the same way Oliver Reed's Proximo did in the previous film.

The teaser concludes with Mescal and Pascal battling in the arena, with the gladiator appearing to have the advantage as he holds two swords crossed over the army general's neck. The trailer depicts a rhinoceros that Lucius must defeat.

The film's global release date is slated for November 22.

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