03-3-2024, 1:31 PM

Dune 2 opens to $81.5 million, shocking box office

The long-awaited sequel to one of the most popular science fiction adaptations of recent years, “Dune: Part Two,” opened No. 1 with $81.5 million in domestic sales, according to studio estimates. The picture grossed $178.5 million worldwide.

The sequel outperformed the first Dune, which premiered in domestic theaters with $41 million in October 2021. Star-studded cast members have also praised it. “Dune: Part Two” had the biggest opening for Timothee Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, and Austin Butler, according to Comscore. The film is Denis Villeneuve's highest-grossing.

Moviegoers are also eager to view the film on a bigger screen. For 48 percent of domestic box office sales this weekend, premium large formats including IMAX 70 mm, IMAX Digital, and Dolby Cinema sold tickets at slightly higher prices than regular-sized cinemas.

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