05-9-2024, 11:43 AM

According to an IDF spokesman, Israel has all the weapons it needs in Gaza even without US supplies

Following US President Joe Biden's warnings about weapons supplies, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson Daniel Hagari claims that the Israeli military has the weapons necessary for the missions it is planning in Gaza.

On Thursday, a question about whether the Israeli military was prepared for a combat without US weapons in Rafah, southern Gaza, was posed to Hagari.

On Wednesday, Biden declared that if Israel proceeds with its incursion into the southern Gaza city of Rafah, the United States would stop providing some of its weapons to Israel.

"The IDF is equipped to carry out the missions it has planned. We also have the weapons we need for the missions in Rafah," Hagari declared on Thursday.

It is important to say this, which is why I am saying it now in light of everything that has happened with the United States. Up until now, the IDF and Israel have received unparalleled military support from the United States during the conflict.

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