06-25-2024, 1:35 PM

Police report 5 dead, 1 teen badly wounded in North Las Vegas shooting

Shooting in North Las Vegas / Video Screenshot

Authorities reported that a gunman killed five people and critically injured a teenager in separate shootings at two Nevada apartment complexes.

After receiving reports of gunfire just after 10 p.m. at an apartment on Casa Norte Drive, police officers arrived to find two injured women, who were later declared deceased by medical staff. The victims were women in their early 40s and late 50s, according to the police.

While investigating the homicide at the first apartment, detectives discovered a critically wounded 13-year-old girl. She is currently in critical condition at the University Medical Center in Las Vegas.

Further investigation led detectives to another nearby apartment where they found two women in their mid-20s and a man in his early 20s, all of whom had been fatally shot.

North Las Vegas police said later on Tuesday that they had located the suspect, 57-year-old Erick Adams, and that he "is no longer a threat to the community." Police had begun a manhunt for Adams.

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